Writing Contest Adds Photos, Videos

Boating Photography and Videos are being added to the Boating Writers International Writing Contest this year. Photography is a stand-alone category, while videos may be entered into the updated Online Expressions category. Electronics has been merged into a revised “Gear, Electronics & Product Tests” category. The Contest, which takes place in the last two months of the year and has a December 31 deadline for entries, will continue to have a total of 17 categories funded by BWI Supporting members. Last year’s contest attracted 131 participants submitting 337 entries. In addition to 51 cash awards totaling $17,000 — $500 for first place, $300 for second and $200 for third — Certificates of Merit are presented to writers who score within 95% of the third place awardees.

Details, category definitions and entering information for the contest are contained in a digital brochure which can be accessed through this link, www.bwi.org/downloads/BWI-Contest-14.pdf. The brochure and results of previous years’ contests, including links to the winning articles, posts, etc., can be found above by clicking on the “Contest” tab.

BWI members receive their first two entries for free; non-members may enter for $50 per entry. Entries are judged by BWI member journalists in the first weeks of the New Year. Contest announcement results and awards are presented during the BWI Annual Meeting at the Miami International Boat Show, February 13, 2015.