Join, Renew, Pay Dues

How to Join Boating Writers International

To join BWI, simply download the appropriate application in the link below, fill it in and send it to us with a check. You can also pay online.

  • Active members are generally writers, photographers, and broadcasters, and dues are $70 a year.
  • Supporting members are usually marine industry manufacturers or advertising and PR agencies and dues are $250 a year.

Membership in BWI runs for 12 months from the date you join.

Membership Renewals

To renew your membership please visit your profile and use the PayPal buttons at the top of the page.

Have Questions? Contact us.

BWI Membership Benefits

There are three categories of membership at BWI:

Active Members

Active status is available to any person engaged in writing, editing, broadcasting, telecasting, photography, art or lecturing, or who is employed full time by a non-profit organization or agency and engaged in communication, conservation, or promoting the recreational aspects of the marine or associated fields. Active members agree to assume all responsibilities of membership and will be entitled to all privileges of active membership. Dues are $70 a year. Join Now

  • Receive the BWI Journal, published online nine times a year, keeps you advised of important goings-on with BWI and its members, leading marine companies and the industry as a whole.
  • Receive the first two entries to the Annual Writing Contest free ($70 value so you cover your dues with two entries.) Free entries require membership in year of publication and award year.
  • Are eligible to be selected to judge new product innovations with expenses covered.
  • Receive regular communications and networking opportunities with hundreds of industry colleagues.
  • May maintain an online profile at in an annual directory where people go to find writers and communication firms.
  • Receive access to BWI’s LinkedIn pages with helpful discussions, tips and jobs listings.
  • Are eligible for early sign-ups to BWI’s webinars on craft improvement and managing a business.
  • Receive an invitation to BWI meetings and breakfasts at the Miami & Ft. Lauderdale boat shows.
  • Receive a personalized press card for active members free & easy access to boat shows.
  • And more…

Supporting Members

Supporting membership is available to any individual, association, or commercial firm engaged in manufacturing goods or providing a service marketed in the marine industry, and who has a common interest in the purposes of this organization. Designated representatives (up to three) of supporting members agree to assume all responsibilities of membership, may attend all meetings and functions, may take part in activities, may be appointed to a committee, and may act as committee chairperson. Supporting members do not have voting privileges, may not be elected to the board of directors, appointed to a committee or act as a committee chairperson. Dues are $250 per year. Join now

  • Receive online company listing with logo detailing products and services, the primary media contact, and company website.
  • Receive high priority for your news in the BWI Journal and on the website.
  • May use the BWI logo for promotional materials.
  • Receive the BWI newsletter, to keep up-to-date on media, industry and association issues and news.
  • Are invited to join BWI’s LinkedIn Group, enabling commentary on the issues important to journalists.
  • Are invited to participate in BWI’s webinars, ranging from employing social media, writing for the web, getting the best return from news conferences and more to help enhance business.
  • Are invited to networking opportunities with all BWI members, including the industry’s top journalists, marketing firms and manufacturers.
  • Receive an advanced opportunity to be sponsors of the BWI Writing Contest, which rewards journalists and serves to improve the entire marine communications process.
  • Are eligible to serve on panels or forums as newsmakers.
  • Click here for a flyer reflecting Supporter benefits.

Custom Payments

To pay an amount not outlined in the three levels above, please use this section. You can make credit card payments via PayPal or use your PayPal account. Please drop a note to to gives us a heads up and what the amount is for so we can watch for it and credit you appropriately. Thank you.