• New Officers & Directors Elected

    BWI members elected one new and two returning Directors, and its Board appointed a new Director to fill a vacancy and elected three Officers in...

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  • BWI Presidents on Working with Proteau

    BWI Presidents who led the association during Greg Proteau’s service as Executive Director for 18 years from 2002 to 2020 offered memories of working with...

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  • Best Boat Writing Recognized

    Boating and fishing journalists, photographers and videographers were recognized at the start of the 2020 Miami International Boat Show in an annual awards program conducted...

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  • ’19 Writing Contest Launches

    BWI’s Annual Writing Contest marks its 27th year to recognize exceptional creativity in boating journalism, photography and videography. Entries are being accepted in 15 categories...

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  • Scholarship Apps, Donations

    In its second year, BWI’s Scholarship effort is looking for donations to fund and applications for giving the money to an undergraduate college student showing...

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Join, Renew, Pay Dues

How to Join Boating Writers International

To join BWI, simply download the appropriate application, fill it in and send it to us with a check or pay online below.

Active members are generally writers, photographers, and broadcasters and dues are $50 a year. Associate members are generally public relations or communication firms and dues are $60 a year. Supporting members are usually manufacturers or advertising agencies and dues are $175 a year.

Membership in Boating Writers International is from January 1 through December 31.

Have Questions? Contact us or call (847) 736-4142. We’ll be happy to answer them.

Three Ways to Get Involved

There are three categories of membership at BWI:

Active. Active status is available to any person engaged in writing, editing, broadcasting, telecasting, photography, art or lecturing, or who is employed full time by a non-profit organization or agency and engaged in communication, conservation, or promoting the recreational aspects of the marine or associated fields. Active members agree to assume all responsibilities of membership and will be entitled to all privileges of active membership. Dues are $50 a year. Download an Application

Associate. Associate membership is available to any person who does not meet the requirements for active membership but who works in the marine or an associated fields in public relations; who works in advertising or public information to promote specific products or services; who is paid to promote the use or sale of those products; and or who is a student of journalism with an interest in the marine or associated fields. Associate members agree to assume all responsibilities of membership and will be entitled to full voting privileges. They may be elected to the Board of Directors, may be appointed to a committee, and may act as committee chairperson, but may not be nominated for or hold the office of vice president(s) or president. Dues are $60 a year. Download an Application

Supporting. Supporting membership is available to any individual, association, or commercial firm engaged in manufacturing goods or providing a service marketed in the marine industry, and who has a common interest in the purposes of this organization. Designated representatives (up to three) of supporting members agree to assume all responsibilities of membership, may attend all meetings and functions, may take part in activities, may be appointed to a committee, and may act as committee chairperson. Supporting members do not have voting privileges, but may be elected to the board of directors, appointed to a committee and act as committee chairperson, but may not be nominated for or hold higher office. Dues are $175 per year. Download an Application

BWI Membership Benefits

Active and Associate Members

  • The BWI Journal, published online 11 times a year, keeps you advised of important goings-on with BWI and its members, the industry and leading marine companies.
  • First two entries to the Annual Writing Contest free – ($50 value so you cover your dues with two entries; Free entries require membership in year of publication and award year).
  • Regular communications and networking opportunities with hundreds of industry colleagues.
  • An Online Profile at bwi.org and in an Annual Directory where people go to find writers and communication firms.
  • Access to BWI’s LinkedIn pages with helpful discussions and tips and jobs listings.
  • Early sign-ups to BWI’s Webinars on Craft Improvement and managing your business.
  • Invitation to the BWI meetings and breakfasts at the Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Boat Shows.
  • Personlized Press Card for free & easy access to boat shows.
  • And more!

Supporting Members

  • Click here for a flyer reflecting Supporter benefits.
  • High priority for your news in the BWI Journal and on this website. BWI members are also on staff at most major publications, in addition to dozens of members who are freelancers and outdoor writers.
  • Listing in the annual BWI Directory detailing your products and services, your primary media contact is, and your website. This lets writers know you support them, and tells them how to find you.
  • Advance opportunity to be sponsors of the BWI Writing Contest, which rewards journalists and serves to improve the entire marine communications process.
  • Welcome reception at all BWI meetings and Newsmaker events. BWI draws on supporting members whenever appropriate to serve on panels or forums that make news.