BWI Active or Associate Member Application

Active Membership is assigned to any person who is engaged in writing, editing, publishing, broadcasting, telecasting, photography, art or lecturing, or who is employed full-time by a non-profit organization or agency and engaged in communication, conservation or promoting the recreational aspects of boating. Dues are $70 per year.

Associate Membership is available to those who work in boating in public relations, advertising or public information to promote specific products or services, and students of journalism who share an interest in the marine and/or associated fields. Dues are $85 per year.

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I am engaged in marine communication as (check all that apply):
Newspaper Recreational boating magazine General interest magazine
Commerical marine magazine Website content - written Website content - video
Public relations Sponsored / marketing content Radio
Television / film Book Blog
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Writer Editor Blogger
Photographer Videographer Vlogger
Artist / illustrator Book author Broadcaster
Copy writer Filmmaker Lecturer
Producer / director Publisher Script writer
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Boat tests Business Educational / howto
Electronics Fishing General gear
General technical Lifestyle/adventure Propulsion (inboard/outboard/electric)
Safety Sailing/sailboats Sponsored content
Tow sports / watersports Travel/charter Other (please specify below)

CREDITS -- Magazine masthead title, website, book title, radio/TV show, etc. (Limit credits to those publications to which you have sold work in the last two years).