• New Officers & Directors Elected

    BWI members elected one new and two returning Directors, and its Board appointed a new Director to fill a vacancy and elected three Officers in...

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    BWI Presidents who led the association during Greg Proteau’s service as Executive Director for 18 years from 2002 to 2020 offered memories of working with...

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    Boating and fishing journalists, photographers and videographers were recognized at the start of the 2020 Miami International Boat Show in an annual awards program conducted...

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    BWI’s Annual Writing Contest marks its 27th year to recognize exceptional creativity in boating journalism, photography and videography. Entries are being accepted in 15 categories...

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  • Scholarship Apps, Donations

    In its second year, BWI’s Scholarship effort is looking for donations to fund and applications for giving the money to an undergraduate college student showing...

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Conducting Successful News Events

This webinar is designed to bring writers and vendors together to improve press coverage of new marine products and boats. The idea for the presentation emerged from a meeting of the BWI Directors where concern was expressed over the high volume of news conferences and product introductions at boat shows making it difficult for writers to participate and glean all they needed from marine manufacturers

Subjects included in the outline of the webinar include:

– The need to keep presentations brief, focused, factual, useful, and if appropriate, quantitative.

– Learning to test the concept from a reader/subscriber perspective and ask, “Is this helpful or interesting?”

– Writer preference for take-away formats – paper releases, flashdrives, or other packaging to best disseminate news.

– The practice of handing out “chotzskies” and if so, what’s appropriate?

– A reminder to focus on video and how to prepare to “be recorded.”

– Honoring appointments and allowing enough time for reviews or tests.

– When enough information is enough and how to minimize the “marketing speak” for better results.

BWI Director, commentator, and columnist, Alan Jones, lead the webinar based on long-term experience of reviewing and writing about boats, new products, and the boating and fishing lifestyles.

Conduct Successful News Events & Better