Name: Levine , Charlie E

Address: 4225 Fallwood Circle, Orlando FL 32812 United States
Phone: 407 2223893
Subject Specialties: Saltwater fishing, power boating, photography, travel writing, barbecue, water pursuits, diving, food writing...
Skills and Media: Magazine editing, photo editing, web editing, website development, mobile apps, social media, writing for all mediums including print, web and television scripts. Photography, event planning, tournament director.
Periodicals: Power & Motoryacht, Outboard, Anglers Journal, Soundings Trade Only, InTheBite, BoatUS Magazine
Books: Sucked Dry: The Struggle is Reel (Catchfire Books, available on Amazon)
Memberships: Coastal Conservation Association, The Billfish Foundation, International Game Fish Association, PADI
Current Position: Executive Editor, Power & Motoryacht