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There are two ways to find BWI members.

To list alphabetically, with links to each member's complete listing, choose the letter of the last name you're searching for:

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To find members whose listing fulfills particular criteria you're interested in, fill in any empty boxes below with a name, state, title, etc. that applies to the member(s) you're looking for. Your search can be as simple or as complicated as you like, using only one search category or all of them. Fill in only those boxes that apply to your search. Leave the rest blank.

A nifty search trick is to be very broad in your criteria. Example: You want to find members who write about oars and who have online credits. Enter "oars" in the Subject box and the underscore "_" character in the Online Credits box. The underscore character always tells the search engine to do a broad search--that is, match anything.

Another example: To find all BWI members by Periodicals and who have Other Work, put the underscore in the Periodicals box and in the Other Work box.

Precede any apostrophe with two backslashes, e.g.: boater\\'s world.

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